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Creatimage Co., Ltd. was founded by Shussana Satanasavapark in 1992 for Still image Photography Production. With his experience as both a photographer and a retoucher, Mr. Satanasavapark had a vision to provide standardized service and quality work to his clients.
This is when he created Creatimage Professional Serviced Studios.

Creatimage Facilities Include

  • Studios of different sizes for rental.
    • Make-Up Room
    • Working area.
    • Attached kitchen.
    • Fully equipped with steam iron, clothes hangers ad etc.
    • Internet wifi.
  • Lighting and Camera Equipment available for rental.
  • Professional Photographer Assistants.
  • Professional Digital Assistants.
  • Onscreen Rooms for rental.
  • In-house F&B.
  • File development and file storage database.
  • Parking.

As of 2009, there are a total of 10 studios of different sizes at Creatimage Professional Serviced Studios. Along with Studio rental available, there are fully functional facilities in each of the studios to suit customers' different needs. There is also lighting and equipment rental available for customers to rent to use in the studio or to use on location. There is also a full crew in Creatimage Studios to better serve its clients. The crew consisted of members providing services as an in-house F&B, professional studio and photographer assistants, digital operators, accounting and customer service providers.

After gaining experience in providing service to facilities for clients in Creatimage Professional Serviced Studios, Creatimage's Crew, Equipment and Lighting rentals; Creatimage was then asked to venture down the Production road. This gave birth to Creatasia Photogenic Productions. Creatasia Photogenic Productions by Creatimage has an in-house retouching team, and connections with top professionals that include photographers, stylists, make-up artists, hair stylists, set constructors and etc.; our team of experienced and visionary producers began its path of creating and realizing any layout the client had into a complete Still image Photography work.

Even while working on large scaled Photography Productions, Mr. Satanasavapark began to realize that a group of clients have production needs that were being unmet. The Packshot Studios brand, with a smaller scale team of producers and photographers catered to that need.

And in line with our dynamic world, customers began to require more virtual tours alongside their production work. GlomGlom, which means circle in Thai, was a brand that clients used when they were in need of virtual tours and 360 degrees of objects of any sizes.

To utilize the brands effectively, a backend programming was necessary to streamline the brands and client needs. With Creatimage's brands system in place, the IT team became DAI-KA 'we make web' brand to serve outside customers. DAI-KA's services includes website design and programming.

With DAI-KA's success and growing customers needs, Maxspeedhost brand's which provides services in domain name and web hosting supplemented both DAI-KA and outside customer needs.

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